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Björk made music’s first “VR pop album”—she opens up about its heartbreak

Enlarge / Björk’s metamorphosis within VR already looks trippy enough as a sample image. It’ll blow your mind in VR. (credit: Björk) “I often feel like some sort of [technology] bridge,” singer, songwriter, artist, and producer Björk tells me over the telephone from her home in Iceland. “I’m there in the middle, to translate nerddom to the normal people or ...

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It’s time to start caring about “VR cinema,” and SXSW’s stunners are proof

My pick for SXSW 2019’s best VR film, Metro Veinte, asked viewers to sit in wheelchairs while they watched the 18-minute film. [credit: Sam Machkovech ] AUSTIN, Texas—You may love, hate, or shrug at the idea of virtual reality, but one niche is still unequivocally devoted to the format: film festivals. The reasons aren’t all great. Because VR usually requires ...

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