Seth Rollins WWE Title Future: Rusev Next Great Threat To ‘The Architect’s’ Reign [VIDEO]

Seth Rollins WWE Title Future: Rusev Next Great Threat To ‘The Architect’s’ Reign [VIDEO]

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WWE Superstar “The Bulgarian Brute” Rusev. (Photo : Twitter)

The “Bulgarian Brute” could be the next man up to challenge for the richest prize in the game.

The WWE storylines hinted that Rusev could be the next major player this week on Monday Night RAW, when he told Summer Rae that they’d get married as soon as he won WWE gold. The Diva proposed marriage to the “Super Athlete” on the WWE’s flagship show this week, and he responded that she’ll get gold on her finger as soon as he gets WWE gold around his waist.

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Rusev is a one-time United States Champion, but he’s never gone after the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Now, he could be the next threat to Seth Rollins’ reign. Rollins has been on a retirement tour of sorts, as he faced 56-year-old Sting at Night of Champions and is due to face Kane (age 48) at Hell in a Cell.  

The WWE needs some fresh matchups for “The Architect,” and Rusev could very well fit the bill. With both men acting as heels, one of them would likely have to undergo a character change in order to facilitate a feud. There have been rumors that Rollins is due for a face turn, so perhaps down the line he can feud with the mighty Russian.

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It appears certain the former Hounds of Justice member is going to get into a spat with Triple H at some point and The Authority could bring Rusev in as its hired gun to try and wrest the gold away from its former hand-picked “Undisputed Future” star. Let’s face it, the current drama between Rusev and Dolph Ziggler is boring, and the WWE needs to blow it up.

It’s nothing against the two incredible athletes, but the relationship drama should be left for soap operas, not the WWE. Rusev should move on and try to become No. 1 contender for Rollins’ belt, while Ziggler and John Cena have a potential Feud of the Year in the making.

Rollins has had amazing matches during his run, but he’s been booked terribly as of late and deserves better than Kane. Maybe a feud with Rusev is precisely what he needs.

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