Paige WWE Rumors: Diva’s Arrogance Denying Her Title Shot Against Charlotte [VIDEO]

Paige WWE Rumors: Diva’s Arrogance Denying Her Title Shot Against Charlotte [VIDEO]

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Paige WWE NXT and Divas Championships

Two-time WWE Divas Champion Paige. (Photo : Twitter)

Paige’s new heel turn seems to reflect her real life attitude outside of the squared circle, but that could be the exact thing holding her down in the WWE.

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The two-time Divas Champion became the youngest person to ever win the gold when she made her debut and knocked off AJ Lee on RAW in April 2013, but she hasn’t held the richest prize for Vince McMahon’s company’s women since last September. The Diva from Norwich, England is now approaching 15 months without the belt.

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During the Divas Revolution, Paige was lost in the shuffle, with her Team PCB stable not doing much of anything. The WWE finally blew it up by having the Paige turn heel on Charlotte and Becky Lynch, which has led to an interesting character arc for her, but may not end up in a run with the gold.

Paige’s attitude and potty mouth outside the ring could be costing her. First, Paige got in some hot water when she said “f–k you right back” to an unruly fan during a Facebook Q&A backstage, leading to referee Scott Armstrong scolding her and telling her she couldn’t say that.

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It wasn’t the last time her mouth got her into trouble as the WWE Diva interrupted a Seth Rollins interview, not realizing cameras were rolling, and dropped yet another f-bomb. “The Architect” then sarcastically called her a “classy lady,” and didn’t seem to be joking.

Aside from that, Paige was also recently kicked out of a restaurant with Alicia Fox after getting into a spat with autograph-seeking fans, leading to drinks being thrown.

It’s possible that these issues are causing Paige to be held back from taking the WWE by storm. She’s already a two-time Divas Champion, but she hasn’t held that title since losing it to AJ Lee, who has been retired for six months, at Night of Champions on September 21, 2014.

Paige is only 23, so there is hope that she can get things right behind the scenes and capture gold again. But for now, she’s on the outside looking in.

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