How archaeologists used VR to make an ancient capital come to life


Now you can travel back to ancient Cyprus, thanks to a VR app developed by researchers. 

The Paphos Theatre in VR app, available on Google Play and iTunes, is the result of 20 years of excavation by University of Sydney archaeologists, and lets you explore the ancient Nea Paphos’ Theatre during its heyday in 150 AD.

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Nea Paphos was the capital of Cyprus, located off the coast of Turkey, during the Roman and Hellenistic periods (c. 300 BC-400 AD) until an earthquake destroyed everything in 365 AD. 

University archaeologists, led by Dr. Craig Barker, and Melbourne digital technology firm Lithodomos created a 360-degree experience which lets you check out Nea Paphos’ epic theatre. Able to host 8,500 people and 100 metres in diameter, the theatre boasted imported Mediterranean architecture, including a grand Roman façade, imperial statues and marble columns. Read more…

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