Connery, Moore or Craig: Who is the most well-traveled Bond?


The newest James Bond, Daniel Craig, poses in Rome, Italy on the set of 2015’s “Spectre.” (AP Photo)

James Bond has been traveling the world’s most exotic locations for over 50 years on the silver screen. But which actor has earned the most frequent flier miles during his stint as the British secret agent?

The Daily Mail wanted to find out, so its editors dissected all of the miles traveled and locales visited by every single Bond across 24 movies to find the definitive answer.

He may not everyone’s favorite double agent, but with seven films taking place in 44 locations, Roger Moore tops the list as the most traveled James Bond. Moore played Bond for over 10 years, from 1973 to 1985.

Bond by the numbers Sean Connery: 6 films – 32 locations George Lazenby: 1 film – 5 locations Timothy Dalton: 2 films – 10 locations Roger Moore: 7 films – 44 locations Pierce Brosnan: 4 films – 27 locations

Sean Connery, the original womanizing spy, is the second most traveled Bond, visiting 32 locations in six films. The most recent Bond, Daniel Craig, came in third with 28 locations racked up over four movies—including 2015 Spectre, due in theaters this Nov.

From lavish hotels to icy tundra, there’s no shortage of landscapes featured throughout the popular franchise. Graham Rye, Editor of 007 magazine, told the Daily Mail the movie can have a powerful affect on destination’s tourism industry.

“They became travelogues, especially ‘Moonraker’ which was all over the place from France, to Italy, Argentina and Brazil. It just became a country hopping event,” says Rye. “It’s not necessary to the story but these exotic travels will have an affect on people. Bond fans travel to destinations just because Bond has been there.”

All together, the six Bonds have  been around the world more than 18 times, racking up 460,000 miles. Surprisingly, no 007 has made it to Australia, Canada or Scandinavia.

Whether you’re a sucker for Connery’s witty one-liners or prefer Prosnan’s cheeky charm, check out the locations featured in every James Bond film since 1962.

SEAN CONNERY as James Bond

1. Dr No – Crab Key Island and Kingston, Jamaica (1962)

2. From Russia with Love – London, Istanbul, Zagreb, Venice (1963)

3. Goldfinger– Miami Florida, London, Royal St George Golf Club, Switzerland, Fort Knox Kentucky (1964)

4. Thunderball – Chateau d’Anet, Preux, France, Chalfont Park House, London, Nassau, Bahamas (1965)

5. You Only Live Twice – Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kobe, Ebino, Akime, Matsu volcano, Japan (1967)

6. Diamonds are Forever– LA, Nevada, Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam, Dover, Eden Roc Hotel, Cap D’Antibes (1971)


7. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – London, Lisbon, Bern, Lauterbrunnen, Swiss Alps (1969)

ROGER MOORE as James Bond

8. Live and Let Die – London, New Orleans, New York, Louisiana Delta and San Monique (The Caribbean) (1973)

9. The Man with the Golden Gun – London, Beirut, Macau China, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Thailand, Khao Ping, Thailand (1974)

10. The Spy Who Loved Me – Scotland, Austria, Sardinia, Egypt (1977)

11. Moonraker – Space, LA, Iguaza Falls, London, Venice and Rio (1979)

12. For Your Eyes Only – London, Buckinghamshire, Cortina, Northern Italy, Albania, Corfu,Kalambaka, Greece, near Madrid (1981)

13. Octopussy – Cuba, London, West Germany, Berlin, Udaipur, India (1983)

14. A View to a Kill – Ascot, London, Chantilly, Paris, Siberia, San Francisco (1985)


15. The Living Daylights – London, Buckinghamshire, Vienna, Bratislava, Tangier, Afghanistan, Gibraltar (1987)

16. Licence to Kill – Florida, Bahamas, Panama (1989)


17. GoldenEye – Cuba, London, St Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Monte Carlo (1995)

18. Tomorrow Never Dies – Oxford, London, Hamburg, Vietnam, Saigon (1997)

19. The World Is Not Enough – Bilboa, London, Istanbul, Eilean Donnan, Scotland, Baku, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan (1999)

20. Die Another Day– Havana, Cuba, Iceland, London, North Korea, Hong Kong (2002)

DANIEL CRAIG as James Bond

21. Casino Royale – London, Prague, Venice, Pakistan, Madagascar, Montenegro, Lake Como, Nassau, Bahamas, Miami (2006)

22. Quantum of Solace– London, Austria, Russia, Lake Como, Siena, Bregnenz, Haiti, Bolivia (2008)

23. Skyfall– Scotland, Shanghai, Silva’s Island, Macau, rural Turkey, Istanbul, London (2012)

24. Spectre – Tangier, Erfoud, Morocco, London, Solden, Austria, Rome (2015)

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