Daily Archives: September 29, 2019

Melbourne man charged over death of a pregnant woman who fell from a moving car

A man will await his first court appearance from behind bars after being accused of causing the death of a pregnant woman who fell out of a moving car in Melbourne. Helena Broadbent, 32, died in hospital after delivering a baby via C-section on Saturday. Google Alert – breaking news

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Elon Musk, Man of Steel, reveals his stainless Starship

The crowds assembled near Boca Chica Beach on Saturday evening. [credit: Trevor Mahlmann for Ars ] BOCA CHICA BEACH, Texas—Elon Musk spoke about his vision of a brighter future for humanity on Saturday evening in South Texas. Musk acknowledged that there are a lot of problems here on Earth, and it is important for those to get fixed. But it ...

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iPhone 11 review: The most attractive choice in Apple’s best lineup in years

Enlarge / It still has a notch! (credit: Samuel Axon) Like the iPhone XR before it, the iPhone 11 is the default iPhone. It’s priced where flagship phones used to be priced, and it offers almost all the same features as the expensive iPhone 11 Pro models that also launched this year. Apple’s iPhone lineup today is stacked with great ...

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