Daily Archives: May 10, 2019

US Lawmakers Form Fintech Task Force to Examine Industry

United States lawmakers have passed a resolution to create a fintech task force that will examine the current regulatory framework for fintech Cointelegraph.com News

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Crypto Adoption Remains Strong in Venezuela Amid Political Chaos

The political tension in Venezuela has affected local cryptocurrency adoption. While there are roadblocks, many crypto-advocating projects continue to thrive in the country. News.Bitcoin.com takes a deep look at the current situation in Venezuela, crypto adoption efforts and how the recent political crisis affects them. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Postpones Crypto Case at Government’s Request Political Turmoil and Economy ...

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Facebook Crypto Ad Ban: Platform Loosens Restriction on Crypto Ads

According to CNBC, Facebook said on Wednesday that it will loosen its ban on cryptocurrency advertising on its platform. The result will allow businesses related to crypto and blockchain to promote their projects on the social network. The Facebook crypto ad ban first came into effect in January 2018. Facebook Crypto Ad Ban The social media giant first started blocking ...

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