Video: A chat with Mac Walters on the unsolved mysteries of the Mass Effect universe

Video shot by Justin Wolfson and Raoul Bhatt, edited by Aulistar Mark. Click here for transcript.

Our “War Stories” and “Unsolved Mysteries” gaming videos have gotten us some amazing interviews. We’ve talked to folks like Dead Space’s Glen Schofield; the power duo of Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III, who made Star Control and The Ur-Quan Masters; and even Lord British himself. But BioWare was one company that I never expected to actually answer our e-mails—until, one day, they actually did.

So, in early October, we loaded up our film crew and made the flight across the Canadian border to Edmonton, in the northern reaches of Alberta. Our mission: to visit the enigmatic studio behind the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises and to throw a bunch of Mass Effect lore questions at creative director Mac Walters—and to see what interesting information he’d be willing to let us have.

It was a special trip for me, as one of Ars’ two resident Mass Effect crazypants fans (the other being Kate Cox, a true BioWare aficionado). I’ve reviewed the series, talked about the best romance choices, and even snuggled a Garrus body pillow or two—but taking a pilgrimage to the Mecca of Mass Effect was a capstone experience.

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