Tim Tebow Rumors: Former MLB Closer Believes Former QB Will Be In Double-A Next Year [VIDEO]

Tim Tebow Rumors: Former MLB Closer Believes Former QB Will Be In Double-A Next Year [VIDEO]

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Tim Tebow

Former NFL QB Tim Tebow. (Photo : Getty Images)

Tim Tebow’s aspirations of carving out a professional baseball career aren’t crazy — at least one former MLB closer believes.

Many people have rallied against Tebow’s pursuit of an MLB career, calling it a publicity stunt. Former MLB closer David Aardsma, who spent nine years in the MLB, isn’t one of those people.

Aardsma said he’s been pitching against Tebow over the last few weeks and thinks he will find some success at the professional level.


“When I walked away, as a pitcher, I was pretty impressed,” Aardsma told CBS Sports. “He needs to see a lot more pitching and understand what the pitcher is watching and seeing from him and adjusting. That’s not something you know until you’re in it.”

Aardsma believes that Tebow, who hit .494 as a high school player in Florida, has what it takes to rise to the minor league ranks by next season.

“I’d get him to instructs (instructional league), work his butt and get him to play winter league,” Aardsma said. “Get him on the field every day, facing different pitchers. I would not be surprised if he’s in Double-A next year. I’d put the talent there right now.”

The former quarterback had a promising college football career, which included a Heisman Trophy win in 2007. In the NFL, he had runs with the Broncos, Jets, Patriots and Eagles, but after Philadelphia cut him last September prior to the season starting, the NFL well ran dry on him.

Tebow, who turned 29 on Aug. 14, owns a 47.9 career completion percentage and has thrown for 2,422 yards, 17 touchdowns and nine interceptions in 35 games — 16 of which were starts.

With his NFL career in the past, Tebow created quite a stir when his agents revealed he was set to attempt to forge a baseball career.

Even if he doesn’t make it, Tebow is already profiting from the pursuit — selling signed baseball memorabilia — so it won’t be a total loss.

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