The Miz WWE Promo Rumors: 3 Opponents To Help Make The Intercontinental Championship Matter Again [POLL, VIDEO]

The Miz WWE Promo Rumors: 3 Opponents To Help Make The Intercontinental Championship Matter Again [POLL, VIDEO]

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The Miz

WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz and his wife, Maryse. (Photo : Getty Images)

The Miz put the world on notice with his passionate promo on Daniel Bryan this week during “Talking Smack.”

The reigning Intercontinental Champion sent the social media world into a frenzy with his tirade on the “SmackDown Live” general manager, which successfully blurred the lines between storyline and reality.

Once one of the most prestigious titles in wrestling, the Intercontinental Championship has fallen on some hard times in recent years. Take a look at SummerSlam, The Miz took on Apollo Crews in a match that received little fanfare.


Nothing against Crews, but he barely just made his debut and he’s already getting a shot at what was once a belt the likes of Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Ultimate Warrior, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, The Rock, Triple H, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and countless other legends spent years striving for.

Basically, the Intercontinental Championship used to be a huge deal. While it’s an amazing belt to look at, it just doesn’t have the same luster as it used to in recent years.

Hopefully The Miz’s promo will help the belt get over more. Here are three potential opponents for the most must-see Intercontinental Champion that could help restore prominence to the belt.

1) Dolph Ziggler

“The Showoff” wasn’t able to capture the WWE World Championship from Dean Ambrose at SummerSlam. After failing to beat AJ Styles on “SmackDown Live,” the WWE needs something new to do with him. While Ziggler is no stranger to the Intercontinental Championship, having won the prize four times, and this could seem like a step down for him, both Superstars have the goods to produce a memorable midcard feud to help the Blue Brand stand out.

2) Bray Wyatt

This is sort of an out of left field choice given both of them being heels, but the “Eater of Worlds” is more like a tweener and has yet to taste WWE gold. All of Wyatt’s threats have come up empty thus far in his WWE career, so he could use a solid midcard program to get him back into feeling like a legitimate threat rather than a cartoonish character with great promos that never follows through. He seems to be headed toward a feud with Randy Orton — one he’ll likely lose again — but after that, he should be considered for an Intercontinental Championship run.

3) John Cena

This is a long-shot, especially with the “Cenation” leader’s schedule being very busy, but he would make the perfect choice. Cena and Miz already share history, dating back to their much-maligned rivalry leading into WrestleMania XXVII back in 2011 over the WWE Championship. Cena knows a thing or two about elevating talents and taking titles to the next level. He did wonders for the U.S. Championship last year when he put on his open challenges, and could lift The Miz and the Intercontinental Championship up on “SmackDown Live.”

Who should The Miz feud with for the Intercontinental Championship going forward?

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