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Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork | Segwit Recovery & Schnorr Signatures

A Bitcoin Cash hard fork was implemented earlier today as of block 58268. Although the network-split initially met with a hiccup, the upgrade has now successfully completed. Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork The hard fork sees the Bitcoin Cash network implement two new features. They are Segwit recovery and Schnorr signatures. The Segwit recovery means network participants can now recover funds that ...

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Gemini Exchange Announces Full Adoption of the SegWit Protocol

n nn nn Per an official announcement, the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini Trust has confirmed full integration of Segregated Witness SegWit addresses to its wallet infrastructure. Gemini hopes its users will benefit from improved processing times and lower bitcoin withdrawal fees.We believe SegWit will become the standard, and in doing so, will create extensive benefits for all participants on the Bitcoin ...

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BCH Devs Lock in Code for the Chain’s Next Upgrade: Schnorr and Segwit Recovery

On Feb. 14, a group of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers sat down and discussed the featured items for the scheduled upgrade this coming May. According to the programmers, two specific features will be ready for the upgrade: Schnorr signatures and Segwit recovery. The developers also detailed that certain features like nullfail and the 100-byte transaction size will not be ready ...

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