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‘NIBIRU TRUTH’ One man’s mission to STOP Nibiru before it ‘wrecks Earth ON SUNDAY’

A SCIENTIST is on a one man mission to stop mythical planet Nibiru before its much predicted cataclysmic impact on Earth this Sunday. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

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Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed orders release of Briton jailed for touching a man’s hip

THE SCOT jailed for touching a man’s hip has been freed following a special order from the ruler of Dubai. Daily Express :: News Feed

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I was possessed BY A DEMON: Shocking claim evil spirit took over man’s body

EXCLUSIVE: A “possessed” man has said he faced sheer terror after an “evil demon took over control of his body.” Daily Express :: Weird Feed

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‘Human goat’ with man’s face: Mutant animal terrifies whole village

A BIZARRE mutant goat has astonished internet users with its astonishing human-like facial features. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

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SHOCK CLAIM: ‘I’ll prove if moon landings were hoaxed’ – man’s mission to solve mystery

A MAN has made the astonishing claim that he may know how to get to the bottom of the world’s biggest conspiracy theory… whether the moon landings were faked. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

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Try not to have sleepless nights after reading this man’s tale about his haunted apartment

When things go bump in the night, many of us try not to fear the worst.  SEE ALSO: Terrifying video shows a bear and her two cubs following a man on a trail But one chap’s tale of scary dreams and strange nighttime happenings in his apartment may make you rethink blaming those weird noises on your plumbing system.  Illustrator ...

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Proof of life after death? Man’s soul ‘left body and travelled through universe’

THE soul CAN leave the body and exist independently, according to a man who claims to have travelled through other dimensions since he was five. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

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LIFE AFTER DEATH? Top journalist convinced after ‘dead man’s hand forms in front of her’

A BEST-SELLING investigative journalist has been left convinced of the afterlife after claiming to witness “the hand of a man who died more than 100 years ago form into a physical object in front of her eyes”. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

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