Is Mona Vie a Scam? A Real Review of Mona Vie

Is Mona Vie a Scam? A Real Review of Mona Vie

In this Mona Vie review I’ll explore the claim that some are making that Mona Vie is a scam.

Mona Vie put the Acai berry on the map. Mona Vie offers a synergistic blend of anti-oxidants combined with the Acai berry. An added benefit is the in an attractive wine colored bottle.

The cons of Mona Vie is in the outdated marketing approach. That is, many distributors promote “old school MLM” house parties. In addition, they encourage the creation of names lists of friends and families to market products. Plus, the car rear window Mona Vie banner is a major turn off for most people.

There are at least 8 ways to make money with MonaVie. Off course you’re balancing legs and having to figure out a pretty sophisticated multi-level marketing compensation plan.

It will take a lot of people in your organization to make a decent profit. I personally prefer the bigger ticket items because you can focus on helping people more versus recruiting non-stop. However, fortunes have been made off of smaller ticket items. With Mona Vie you will have to recruit, recruit, and recruit.

Successful marketers today now agree that the secret to getting MLM leads is through attraction marketing. This works not with just Mona Vie, but with any MLM.

By creating valuable content in the form of free videos, blogs, forum posting, and articles you can begin to brand yourself and attract hundreds of free leads. This is crucial if you’re only selling bottles of Mona Vie. You simply don’t have the profit margin to do expensive pay per click advertising.

Think about this: generally speaking, a decent self-generated opportunity lead will cost you about $ 4 using paid advertising. Hopefully every 30 leads converts to a paid member. That is, they join and purchase a bottle of magic juice or even a caseload. Nonetheless, you’ve spent a $ 120 in advertising, right?

So it’s best to learn to market using cutting edge techniques and inexpensive strategies if you want any success at all with Mona Vie.

In conclusion, some people are really into the house party thing and use the old “three foot rule” (everyone in ear shot gets a flier). However,if you prefer using Internet marketing strategies, you need to get trained on what works.

Is MonaVie a Scam? No, you just need to master marketing.

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