From Win32 to Cocoa: A Windows user’s would-be conversion to Mac OS X, part III

So… Peter Bright’s new home for tech support, right? (credit: antxoa)

Ten years ago around this very time—April through June 2008—our intrepid Microsoft guru Peter Bright evidently had an identity crisis. Could this lifelong PC user really have been pushed to the brink? Was he considering a switch to… Mac OS?!? While our staff hopefully enjoys a less stressful Memorial Day this year, throughout the weekend we’re resurfacing this three part series that doubles as an existential operating system dilemma circa 2008. Part three ran on June 1, 2008, and it appears unedited below.

I’ve already described how misfortune and adversity left Apple with a new OS platform free of legacy constraints; and I’ve also discussed how Microsoft had failed to do the same, choosing instead to hobble its new OS with way too much legacy baggage.

Now, let’s look at why I’m even considering the big switch: what has Apple done with its platform to make it so appealing? Of course, if you’re already writing software for the Mac, then I’m not going to tell you anything you already don’t know. But all of this was new to me, because it wasn’t until I became so thoroughly disappointed with Windows that I really looked in earnest at what the Mac had to offer. My mistake.

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