CM Punk UFC Debut Rumors: Former WWE Star Explains Why He Can’t Lose At UFC 203 [VIDEO]

CM Punk UFC Debut Rumors: Former WWE Star Explains Why He Can’t Lose At UFC 203 [VIDEO]

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CM Punk

Former WWE star and current UFC fighter CM Punk. (Photo : Getty Images )

In CM Punk’s mind, he can’t lose at UFC 203.

No, it’s not a boast of confidence or a guarantee of victory — not that Punk has ever had any problems in the confidence area. Punk simply believes that just entering the Octagon makes him a winner.

His point is well taken considering he’s a former wrestler who is transitioning into the very different realm of mixed martial arts at age 37. Because of all he’s overcome, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion will feel good no matter what the outcome of his fight against Gall at UFC 203 in Cleveland on Sept. 10 is.


“If I step foot in the Octagon, I’ve already won,” Punk said, according to The Score. “I’m doing something that a lot of people think that I couldn’t do. At the end of the day, I don’t want to walk in there and lose. I want to show up, I want to beat Mickey, I don’t really give a s–t how I do it. A win’s a win.”

Punk has said he believes he’s evenly matched with Gall, 24, on past occasions, but he has also admitted that the experience certainly is in his opponents favor. Gall has competed for years prior to reaching the UFC, where he is 2-0.

The former WWE Superstar walked out on the WWE in January 2014, but he suffered many setbacks after signing with UFC in December of that year. His most recent dealy was back surgery, but now he’s ready for a fight and can’t help but wonder what would have happened if he transitioned into the sport sooner.

“Maybe I started late, but I really think that’s someone else’s opinion,” Punk said. ” If MMA was around in the form that it’s in (today) when I was 14, 15, I definitely think I would have taken a different path.”

The road to Punk’s debut has been documented in a four-part series entitled “Evolution of Punk.” Though he had some sruggles in the beginning, Punk feels confident for his first fight and is ready to win just by entering the fray.

“I win when I walk in there,” he said. “I win when I win. And I win when I get to eat a pizza afterwards.”

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