Panama Papers Leak Casts Light on a Law Firm Founded on Secrecy

There is a lot at stake for Panama, a country whose economy heavily relies on the legal and financial services industries. The rise of Mossack Fonseca coincided with the emergence of Panama as a capital of the worldwide offshore banking industry. The increasing flow of global capital across borders during the 1970s and 1980s fueled a market for lawyers and ...

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Raw Data: To Beat Go Champion, Google’s Program Needed a Human Army

Photo Lee Se-dol, a professional Go player from South Korea, was smiling amid other players despite losing four of five games against a Google computer program called AlphaGo. Credit Lee Jin-Man/Associated Press Nearly 20 years ago, after a chess-playing computer called Deep Blue beat the world grandmaster Garry Kasparov, I wrote an article about why humans would long remain the ...

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Sinosphere: Donald Trump, Despite Bashing Beijing, Is Not Without Fans in China

Photo Donald J. Trump has been assailed in the Chinese state media, but the Republican presidential candidate has also attracted some Chinese supporters for his willingness to speak his mind. Credit Eric Thayer for The New York Times BEIJING — Last month, as Donald J. Trump’s lead in the Republican presidential primaries widened and his feud with the party establishment ...

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Op-Ed Columnist: The Politics of Backlash

PARIS — There is a global backlash against rising inequality, stagnant middle-class incomes, politicians for sale, social exclusion, offshoring of jobs, free trade, mass immigration, tax systems skewed for giant corporations and their bosses, and what Pope Francis has lambasted as the “unfettered pursuit of money.” The backlash takes various forms. In the United States it has produced an angry ...

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Malaysian Sailors Abducted Near Philippines in Latest Act of Piracy

MANILA — Four sailors from Malaysia were kidnapped off a cargo ship passing close to the southern Philippines on Friday night, less than a week after 10 sailors from Indonesia were abducted nearby, according to police officials from the three countries. The seizure of the men on Friday was the latest in a series of kidnappings in the lawless waters ...

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Fighting Between Azerbaijan and Armenia Flares Up in Nagorno-Karabakh

MOSCOW — Heavy fighting broke out Saturday in Nagorno-Karabakh, an Armenian separatist enclave in Azerbaijan and a longtime ethnic tinderbox in the South Caucasus region. As the fighting escalated through the day it was unclear whether the use of tanks, artillery and aircraft was merely a flare-up in a long conflict or the start of a new phase in the ...

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Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Dirty Old Men of Pakistan

Photo Credit Insiya Syed/Reuters Karachi, Pakistan — IN the world we live in, there is no dearth of pious men who believe that most of the world’s problems can be fixed by giving their women a little thrashing. And this business of a man’s God-given right to give a woman a little thrashing has brought together all of Pakistan’s pious ...

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World Briefing: Cameron Rules Out Nationalization of Britain’s Struggling Steel Industry

LONDON — Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain emerged from an emergency cabinet meeting on Thursday to say that the government would do all it could to preserve the British steel industry but that nationalization was not an option. Emphasizing the severity of the situation, Mr. Cameron warned that “there can be no guarantees of success because of the problems ...

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