‘I Saw My Father Dying’: A View From Aleppo’s Government-Held Side

“My wife and family are hiding in the bathroom,” he said. Even as Syria and Russia threatened an all-out assault on the rebel side of Aleppo, saying Friday was the last chance for people there to exit, they had been unable to put down a counteroffensive by a mix of Qaeda-linked and United States-backed insurgent groups. Continue reading the main ...

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Farmers’ Unchecked Crop Burning Fuels India’s Air Pollution

“We are smart, and we have adopted new technology in the past,” said Jaswant Singh, 53, as he watched a fire sweep across a 20-acre field near his village, Maulviwala, about 140 miles northwest of New Delhi. Continue reading the main story He planned to set his own seven-and-a-half-acre rice paddy ablaze in a couple of days, he said, “because ...

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‘We Don’t Owe Anyone’: Egypt Jousts With Its Chief Benefactor, Saudi Arabia

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Saudi Arabia has injected more than $ 25 billion into the faltering Egyptian economy in two years, but ties between the two most influential Sunni nations are fraying. NYT > World

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Seeking Clues to ISIS Strategy in Corpses and Cellphones Left in Kirkuk

Most eyes have been on nearby Mosul, where Iraqi and Kurdish forces have been moving to squeeze the Islamic State-held city from the north, east and south. IRAQI KURDISTAN Sulaimaniya ISIS-controlled SYRIAN DESERT IRAQI KURDISTAN Sulaimaniya ISIS-controlled But the militants’ sudden attack on Kirkuk, an oil-rich region that has been under the Kurds’ control for the past two years, provides ...

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Once Propelled by Hope for a Modern Syria, Green Buses Now Run on Tears

“Damn the green buses, I’m seeing them in my dreams,” said Jalal al-Telawi, 36, a computer technician whose neighbors in Waer, a besieged district on the outskirts of the central city of Homs, recently debated whether to board the buses in the latest evacuation offer. Continue reading the main story Mr. Telawi was experiencing a certain déjà vu. Two years ...

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As U.N. Ignores Jewish Ties to Holy Site, Israel Produces Ancient Evidence

Photo A papyrus fragment dating back to the seventh century B.C. is the earliest known nonbiblical source to mention Jerusalem in the Hebrew language. Credit Menahem Kahana/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images JERUSALEM — The timing was surely good for Israel, whether or not it was coincidental. As Unesco, the United Nations cultural organization, approved a resolution on Wednesday that ignored ...

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Shouts Greet Migrants in the Streets of France: ‘We Don’t Want Them’

Video A Rush to Leave ‘the Jungle’ People who have been living in “the Jungle” migrant camp in the port city of Calais, France, are being taken by bus to “welcome centers” around France as the authorities begin demolishing the camp. By CAMILLA SCHICK on Publish Date October 25, 2016. Photo by Mauricio Lima for The New York Times. Watch ...

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Pakistan Reels After Attack on Police Training College Leaves 61 Dead

Photo Bodies of the victims outside a hospital in Quetta, Pakistan, on Tuesday. In the background, the body of a man believed to have been one of the attackers lay uncovered. Credit Jamal Taraqai/European Pressphoto Agency ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Pakistan was reeling on Tuesday from a major terrorist attack: an overnight assault on a police training college in the southwest ...

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