4 Looks That Prove You Need a Polo Shirt ASAP

You would think that after years of the polo shirt being an integral—not to mention required—element of our school uniforms, we would do anything in our power to steer clear of them. But you, friends, would be wrong. When a piece proves its versatility by looking just as cool with our favorite distressed boyfriend jeans as it does under a breezy midi dress, we simply won’t be ...

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The New Flats That Fashion Girls Everywhere Are Wearing With Jeans

Celebrities may favor high heels on the red carpet, but if you catch them in their off time, there’s a much greater chance they’re in flats. Because, like the rest of us, celebs know that comfort and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, there’s nothing less glamorous than spending the day in shoes that make your feet ...

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These Shoe Styles Got Me Through 7 Years as an Assistant

As I explained in this recent post, I spent seven years of my career as an assistant in the entertainment and fashion industries, and I did so with a variety of tried-and-true wardrobe staples and go-to outfits. But the element of my assistant wardrobe that basically influenced how my day was going to go (seriously) was my choice of footwear, ...

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DIY: How to Distress Your Denim the Madewell Way

Have you ever attempted to distress a pair of jeans, only to have your DIY project quickly turn into an at-home disaster? Don’t worry—we’ve been there. To avoid another denim dilemma, though, we looked to Madewell, a brand known for its denim expertise. After taking a trip to the brand’s Los Angeles–based washhouse and receiving tips from the head designer, ...

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There’s an 80% Chance You’re Wearing the Wrong Shoes for Hiking

If you’re at all an outdoor person—and this may be especially true if you live in a place like L.A.)—you’ve gone on your fair share of hikes. But there’s a big difference between going for a casual walk through your local park and climbing over boulders to reach a mountain’s crest boils—not all hikes are made equally, and the same ...

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The Bachelorette Party Outfits Every Stylish Bride Should Consider

Fact: You’re guaranteed to be the center of attention at your bachelorette party. With that in mind, you’ll want to wear something that’s worthy of all the Instagrams that are sure to be taken. While your bachelorette party outfit certainly doesn’t have to be pale as a ghost, we get that that’s the top choice for most brides-to-be, so we ...

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7 Timeless Pencil-Skirt Outfits for Any Age

Pencil skirts are without a doubt a closet staple that every woman should own. This silhouette is one that surpasses time and trend, and we are here to prove it to you with the timeless pencil-skirt outfits ahead. Thanks to their simplistic lines and typically conservative length, pencil skirts are not confined to a certain age group nor personal style. ...

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Confirmed: This Is the Warmest Sweater

When dressing for the winter season, it’s easy to layer up with the warmest sweaters to make sure you stay comfortable. But before you reach for that cashmere cable-knit, you might want to reconsider the most effective type of knit that’ll keep you warm throughout the colder months. “I actually prefer alpaca to cashmere,” says Mandy Kordal, the founder and ...

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