The World Champion of Noodle Cups

This week, we’re running a series on our favorite stadium eats from around the world. Jajang in Korea Sporting matches come with a whole lot of nerves and stress. Perched at the edges of their seats, millions of viewers anxiously watch their teams vie for glory. That, on top of the stress drinking, probably leads to a lot of upset ...

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Nothing Says “Play Ball!” Like Hot Noodles

This week, we’re running a series on our favorite stadium eats from around the world. Udon in Japan The crack of a bat; the slurp of noodles. These are the sounds that fill baseball stadiums across Japan. Forget portable snacks; for baseball fans that flood the 12 NPB—Nippon Professional Baseball—stadiums throughout Japan, it’s all about one thing: a steaming bowl ...

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Who Needs Sausage and Eggs When There Are Fried-Milk Pancakes?

Malpuas in Pushkar It is a cold December morning when we step out of our hostel in Pushkar to grab some breakfast. The Hindu temple town three hours from Jaipur is strictly vegetarian, so eggs and sausages are off the menu. In any case, after stuffing our faces with kachoris (deep-fried lentil pastry) and jalebis (Indian sweet pretzels) throughout our ...

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Only a Formidable Breakfast Burrito Could Make Spam Seem Like a Good Idea

Burrito in New Mexico When your desk is often the dashboard of your truck as you head out into a 12-hour field day, you shouldn’t miss the last chance for food not procured from a gas station. As an archaeologist, I often just eat whatever goods are stashed in the bottom of my pack. Real food is glorious. A few ...

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The Appropriate Response to Triggered Snowflakes with Nuclear Codes

Budweiser and tuba in Guam It takes a lot for people on Guam to get collectively riled up. After all, the chill, can’t-be-bothered islander is a stereotype with good reason. But with the repeated threat of missile strikes against my tiny, Pacific home this week, people all over Guam were searching for a way to detox from the anxiety and ...

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There’s A Lot Riding on This Pork Sandwich

Porchetta in Rome It is midnight on a Saturday in Rome, and there is an air of silent devastation at our table. We have eaten a bad Chinese meal. There is prolonged bickering, erratic blaming, contemplation on the confusion that globalization brings. We wonder if our chefs were really Chinese. And what we should drink to erase the memory of ...

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You Can Never Have Too Many Cooks Stuffing Chilis

Chiles en Nogada in Puebla It was chile en nogada season in Puebla. Everyone was talking about how many they had eaten, and where: everyone had a favorite restaurant, although the consensus was that the homemade ones are always the best. So my friends and I decided to do just that—make them ourselves, although nobody really had a clue how ...

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Comparing an Italian Digestif to Fireball Is Not the Way to Sell It

Amaro del capo in Rome Tyler and I were sitting outside at Bar San Calisto one early June evening. We had grabbed a pizza for dinner and needed to sit and digest. He pulled a pouch of Pueblo tobacco out of his checked shirt and fluidly rolled a cigarette. I asked him to roll me one while I went to ...

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