All That About the Cat and We Don’t Even Get the Dalai Lama Story?

Croissants in McLeodgan It was late at night, around 8-9 maybe (that’s late in Himachal) when I spotted a pale yellow wall, with “Lhamo’s Croissant” scribbled across it. I could only make out the feeble outline of a café, and made a mental note to check it out the next morning. The idea of eating croissants for breakfast spread a ...

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What Memorable Breakfast Doesn’t Involve a Shot of Vodka?

Breakfast in Georgia When my best friend and I decided to pick Georgia as our holiday destination, we mostly had in mind pristine nature, secluded Orthodox monasteries, and the famous qvevri (amphora-fermented) wines. An in-depth study of local gastronomy had only convinced us further of our choice, and so we landed in Tbilisi dreaming about lavish dinners based on cheese-filled ...

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R&K Insider: At least it’s Thursday?

Sign up for R&K Insider, our collection of the most compelling happenings in food, politics, and travel from across the web. Bad news, guys: the news is bad. But I know you know that, it’s sort of an open secret around the universe these days, something horrible and scary that everyone knows about to some extent. But if you stick with ...

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My Own Private Albanian Breakfast

Eggs in Albania There’s one problem with vacations: they have to end. And like suntans, the memories fade too fast. But food is one way to bring the holiday home with you. In June this year, I spent three weeks of long, lazy summer days in Europe but eventually I had to return to Melbourne in all its grey, mid-winter ...

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Let’s Drink to One Last Fascist-Free Weekend

Sekt in Vienna The new delicatessen on the corner seems to sell pasta, condiments, wine, and not much else. But they have a couple of metal tables set outside, and it’s an unseasonably warm day in Vienna, pushing 70 degrees Fahrenheit in mid-October. There are 72 hours left before Austria’s snap national election. It was called in the Spring, when ...

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Sometimes You Just Have to Get on a Flight to Frankfurt and Drink Japanese Fruit Drowned in French Brandy

Mispelchen in Frankfurt Because my siblings and I have always been very close, people are sometimes surprised when I tell them my sister now lives in Germany. We chat on a daily basis, so most days she feels no farther away than my brother does in Wisconsin. But there are limits to how much you can shrink the distance between ...

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You Had Us at Hormonal and Super-Athletic

White wine in Serbia Your first thought when you hear “Serbia” probably isn’t wine. Maybe it’s Yugoslavia. Or Nikola Tesla. Or neither. A member of a a British university’s basketball team tells me that, at first, he thought he was packing for Siberia. “And I was like, isn’t that cold?” he says. I nod and sip my dry white blend. ...

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Can We Also Get Drunk With This Badass Centenarian Female USSR Combat Aviator Pls?

Georgian wine in Moscow One afternoon more than a decade ago, in a shabby Moscow suburb, an 89-year-old war hero named Anna passed me a canteen of vodka. “It’s homemade!” she declared. “Just like my post-flight rations during the war.” “Just like tank fuel,” my husband Hal said, grimacing. I translated; Yegorova laughed. “Ya pyanaya!” she grinned. “I’m drunk!” As ...

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