In China’s biggest viral game, you clap for its president while he gives a speech

China’s biggest viral game this week was an unlikely hit. Released in conjunction with the country’s 19th Party Congress on Wednesday, the game gets you to literally clap as hard as you can to Chinese president, Xi Jinping, as he delivers the Communist Party’s plan for the future. SEE ALSO: WhatsApp gets blocked behind China’s ‘Great Firewall,’ joining Facebook and ...

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Sonos One and Alexa is an audio marriage made in heaven

This sounds amazing. That’s what I thought when I got all my Sonos speakers playing the late Tom Petty’s Won’t Back Down and the first floor of my home filled with his distinct, Gainesville, Florida, twang.  I chose that song with my voice and not by speaking to the first-generation Amazon Echo I have in my home, but by speaking ...

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New Zealanders worry about a ‘chipocalypse’ as potato supply drops

We don’t want to ever live in a world where there is a “chipocalypse.” No wonder New Zealanders are concerned at the prospect, as 20 percent of potato crops have been lost due to extended periods of wet weather, according to the New Zealand Herald. SEE ALSO: Shake Shack embraces automation—but claims it won’t hurt its famed hospitality Supermarkets have ...

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Asics is going to bake your next custom sneaker in a microwave

Custom sneakers can usually take weeks, if not months, to be made, but Asics is going to make you one the same way you make instant ramen. The sportswear giant says it’ll soon introduce microwaves in its stores that can “bake” soles in just around 15 seconds. SEE ALSO: Adidas releases puke and beer repellent shoes ahead of Oktoberfest It’s ...

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Kellyanne Conway as Pennywise is everything you’ve ever wanted from ‘Saturday Night Live’

Maybe you see it. The resemblance. Kellyanne Conway. Pennywise from IT. Kellywise the Dancing Clown. The writers at Saturday Night Live sure did. SEE ALSO: ‘SNL’s’ response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal proves that they probably shouldn’t have bothered Tonight’s offering in the ongoing cinematic saga of Kellyanne vs. Anderson Cooper featured Alex Moffat’s Cooper (clad in a yellow raincoat, natch) ...

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Tesla fires hundreds of workers companywide amid production struggles

Tesla just made some drastic changes to its workforce. The automaker fired between 400 and 700 workers from its south Bay Area headquarters and production plant this week, the San Jose Mercury first reported. The company claims the employees were fired for subpar job performance rather than laid off. “Like all companies, Tesla conducts an annual performance review during which ...

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‘X-Men’ goes YA in the first trailer for ‘New Mutants’

After the bittersweet, blood-soaked elegy that was Logan, it kinda feels like X-Men universe could use some fresh blood.  Luckily, New Mutants is just around the corner. SEE ALSO: ‘Logan’ is the most important X-Men movie since ‘X-Men’ The new X-Men spinoff puts a much more youthful spin on that familiar franchise, focusing on a small group of superpowered teenagers ...

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Rose McGowan has been suspended from Twitter

Rose McGowan has been temporarily suspended on Twitter, according to an Instagram post on Wednesday night. Detailed in an email screenshot posted on McGowan’s Instagram, the temporary suspension allows her to browse Twitter — but she is prohibited from sending tweets, retweeting or liking.  SEE ALSO: Here are all the women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual abuse so ...

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