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Google’s iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary

(credit: Aurich Lawson) In light of the $ 5 billion EU antitrust ruling against Google this week, we started noticing a certain classic Ars story circulating around social media. Google’s methods of controlling the open source Android code and discouraging Android forks is exactly the kind of behavior the EU has a problem with, and many of the techniques outlined ...

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Reunited migrant families share their experiences in U.S. custody

Nearly 100 families separated at the border have been reunited in Phoenix. As many as 200 more are still to be reunited before court-ordered deadline.           GANNETT Syndication Service

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Duck boat tragedy: These are the nine Indianapolis family members who died

Ingrid Coleman Douglas of Indianapolis describes the devastation of learning that three generations of her family were killed in Branson, Missouri.           GANNETT Syndication Service

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9 members of one family among 17 dead in duck boat accident in Branson, Missouri

Dive teams recovered the last four bodies from a duck boat that sank under wind gusts as strong as 65 to 80 mph.           GANNETT Syndication Service

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As the SpaceX steamroller surges, European rocket industry vows to resist

Enlarge / First hot firing of the P120C solid rocket motor that will be used by Europe’s new Vega-C and Ariane 6 rockets. (credit: ESA/CNES) KOUROU, French Guiana—White light flooded in through large windows behind Alain Charmeau as he mused about the new age of rocketry. The brilliant sunrise promised another idyllic day in this beach town, but outside the ...

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Michael Cohen taped Trump discussing payment to a Playboy model, report says

The FBI seized the tape of the secret conversation in a raid of Michael Cohen's offices, The New York Times reports. The conversation took place two months before the 2016 election.           GANNETT Syndication Service

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11 dead in Branson, Missouri, after tourist boat accident on Table Rock Lake

Divers are on the scene with other first responders.           GANNETT Syndication Service

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Trump's interpreter: Should she be compelled to tell what she heard during private meeting with Putin?

Forcing an interpreter to publicly disclose the details of a confidential conversation between world leaders would be unprecedented and perilous, experts say.           GANNETT Syndication Service

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