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Sweet Southern Ice Tea That Even a Diabetic Can Enjoy

Sweet Southern Ice Tea That Even a Diabetic Can Enjoy If you have ever visited the Carolinas then you have probably enjoyed at least a few glasses of the “wine of the south” otherwise known as ice tea. If you order it in a Charleston restaurant it will in all likelihood come sweetened without you asking. If you complain about ...

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South African Pinotage Blends

South African Pinotage Blends The Pinotage range of South African wines has not always been favored among local and international critics. However, it is gaining increasing acclaim as its flavors are refined and appreciated for their unique appeal. Up to a fairly recent time, when Pinotage was used in blends, many of the skeptics claimed that it was to mask ...

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Sake, A Japanese Tradition

Sake, A Japanese Tradition With a little bit of information about sake anyone can find a great bottle to enjoy with friends. Finding the right sake can be difficult for people who have little knowledge about sake and how it is made. Many people call it rice wine which is only half true, it is made from rice but it ...

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Resveratrol Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Cancer Properties

Resveratrol Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Cancer Properties As an anti-oxidant, resveratrol has proven to put a very tough inhibitory effect on the production of hydrogen peroxide and superoxide anion by macrophages. Still on point, resveratrol has shown to decrease the release of pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid. Further, it is known to posses the glutathione- sparing and hydroxyl-radical foraging activities.  At the moment, resveratrol ...

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Why Are Margarita Glasses Such Popular Prom Favors?

Why Are Margarita Glasses Such Popular Prom Favors? Most prom events have elaborate decorations and gift bags at the door which provide glassware items like shot glasses, margarita glasses or wine glasses. Other prom gift bag items may include candy, confetti and trinkets of all kinds. At almost every prom, one will see customized glassware are used either as souvenir ...

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Know the System to Prune Grape Vines

Know the System to Prune Grape Vines When growing grapes in your backyard or commercially, to be successful, you have to know how to prune grape vines properly. How you train your vines will influence how you prune them. There is more than one method of training your vines to grow so it is imperative that you consider all options ...

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What is Aged Coffee?

What is Aged Coffee? Aged coffee may sound a little unappetizing, but it actually is an intricate process that is similar to the way that you would age fine wine. When I first heard the term, all I could think about was stale coffee sitting out for so long that it tasted bitter, but it is quite the opposite! You ...

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Printed Beer Mats

Printed Beer Mats Printed beer mats are small coasters, which are placed under a glass of beer, wine or any other liquid refreshment that can be purchased from a public house or restaurant. Because of their vast and wide distribution, they offer tremendous opportunities for display purposes. Beer mats are small and unimposing, and can offer fantastic advertising and self ...

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