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Korean Air’s “nut rage” sisters step down

FOUR years ago, Cho Hyun-ah, an executive at Korean Air made headlines around the world when she threw a fit because she was served macadamia nuts in their packaging rather than on a serving dish in first class on the airline. She reportedly insulted the cabin crew, threw documents at them, and forced them to kneel and beg forgiveness. At ...

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One person dies after an engine explodes on a Southwest flight

A SOUTHWEST AIRLINES flight became the stuff of nightmares on April 17th when a jet engine apparently exploded in mid-air and a passenger was partially sucked out of a window before being rescued by fellow flyers. The flight from New York’s LaGuardia airport was bound for Dallas, but at 11:30am, when it was near Philadelphia, the left engine blew up, ...

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A Victorian survivor in fund management

WHEN the Foreign & Colonial Government Trust was launched in 1868, The Economist had its doubts. “The shape is very peculiar,” we worried, adding that “the exact idea upon which it starts has never been used before.” Some of the trust’s promises were “far too sanguine to ever be performed”. Nevertheless, we concluded that: “In our judgment, the idea is ...

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Six precepts every investor should remember

SIR ELTON JOHN has a three-year farewell tour planned. This columnist has only a few weeks to go, before heading off to a new Economist beat. So it seems like a good idea to summarise some of the themes which have dominated this blog.  To start, long-term investing. Here are a set of precepts every investor should remember. You can’t ...

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What are the factors dictating altcoin prices?

What are the factors dictating the price of altcoins

What are the factors dictating altcoin prices? How can we determine the direction altcoin prices are heading? Cryptocurrencies are volatile beasts. Traditional forecasting and price prediction models such as moving averages, underestimate the potential of these volatile currencies rendering such existing prediction methods invalid. So how does an investor predict the price movement for altcoins? There are several factors that ...

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Stock Market Trading Mistakes to Avoid


Making mistakes in the stock market is inevitable because that is how the stock market works. But just because it is normal to lose some money it does not necessarily mean that you keep making the same mistakes again and again. Here are some common stock market trading mistakes that you should avoid. Believing what the news says. Hanging on ...

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A dirty little secret

METHANE is invisible to the naked eye and does not make for good television. So when about 100,000 tonnes billowed out of a natural-gas system in Aliso Canyon, Los Angeles, over 112 days last winter (pictured in infra-red above), it drew relatively little media attention—even though it forced the evacuation of thousands of homes and the plume was big enough ...

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The well runs dry

OIL PRICES have perked up a bit, but producers are still reeling from the slump in crude prices last year. The boss of Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned oil firm, said this week that the company faced a “liquidity crunch”. Malaysia’s state oil firm is laying off workers. Petrobras, Brazil’s troubled oil giant, recently secured a $ 10 billion loan from the ...

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