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Stock Market Trading Mistakes to Avoid


Making mistakes in the stock market is inevitable because that is how the stock market works. But just because it is normal to lose some money it does not necessarily mean that you keep making the same mistakes again and again. Here are some common stock market trading mistakes that you should avoid. Believing what the news says. Hanging on ...

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A dirty little secret

METHANE is invisible to the naked eye and does not make for good television. So when about 100,000 tonnes billowed out of a natural-gas system in Aliso Canyon, Los Angeles, over 112 days last winter (pictured in infra-red above), it drew relatively little media attention—even though it forced the evacuation of thousands of homes and the plume was big enough ...

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The well runs dry

OIL PRICES have perked up a bit, but producers are still reeling from the slump in crude prices last year. The boss of Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned oil firm, said this week that the company faced a “liquidity crunch”. Malaysia’s state oil firm is laying off workers. Petrobras, Brazil’s troubled oil giant, recently secured a $ 10 billion loan from the ...

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India seeks to boost its manufacturing industry and cut the trade deficit

India seeks to boost its manufacturing industry and cut the trade deficit Feb 27th 2016 | MUMBAI | From the print edition SHIPS leaving Nhava Sheva port, across the harbour from Mumbai, tend to ride higher on the water than when they arrive. India’s trading statistics explain why: steel and other industrial goods from China weigh down the ships as ...

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Throwing more money at homeowners

Payday! IN APRIL, Britain’s prime minister, David Cameron, who was then campaigning in the run up to the general election, said: That wish to pass something on is about the most basic, human and natural instinct there is…That home that you have worked and saved for belongs to you and your family…And with the Conservatives, the tax man will not ...

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"Oxi", and out?

WHY did the Greeks vote no? “Because we are tired of everything, from all the lies, from paying for the rich, and from years of austerity, especially for young”, answers Dora, a young Athenian waving a big Greek flag as she celebrates the “No” victory on Syntagma Square with her friends. Greek people have spoken. With over 90% of the vote ...

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When banks die

MARIANA doesn’t really care who wins today’s referendum. The young pharmacist, working in a relatively poor part of Athens, has more pressing problems: she has been running out of medication fast this week. Greece relies almost entirely on foreign imports for its pharmaceutical supplies. But since capital control imposed last Sunday brought the country’s banking system to a sudden halt, ...

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Another manic Monday

ANOTHER Monday, another sell-off dominated by news from Greece. The decisive No vote in the Greek referendum came as a surprise to most investors, just as the decision to call a referendum had caught out the markets a week before. And the initial reaction was very similar. Asian equity markets fell with the Hang Seng index down 5.2% in Hong ...

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