Bill Goldberg WWE Return News & Rumors: WWE 2K17 Star Says Comeback ‘Ain’t In My Court’ [VIDEO]

Bill Goldberg WWE Return News & Rumors: WWE 2K17 Star Says Comeback ‘Ain’t In My Court’ [VIDEO]

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Bill Goldberg

Former WCW and WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg. (Photo : Getty Images )

Bill Goldberg is open to a return to the WWE, but it isn’t entirely up to him.

The former WCW and WWE Heavyweight Champion has a sordid history with the company, but he once again reiterated he’d be open to a comeback in the ring.

He was around for SummerSlam weekend, but after much anticipation, he never appeared at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn last Sunday night.


Goldberg has been doing a lot of promotion for the upcoming WWE 2K17 video game overseas. He’s a playable character in the game, which is due for release on Oct. 12, and he said the touring has given him the itch to be in front of the WWE Universe again on a grander scale — but it’s up to management.

“It evoked a feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time which is kind of cool but the reality is it ain’t in my court,” Goldberg told about making appearances to promote the game and of a potential comeback. “It’s not in my court. I’ve said many times that I’m willing to throw water under the bridge but, hey, at the end of the day, it is what it is.”

Goldberg, who has largely wanted to return so that his son could see him compete and admitted his child was the motivating factor behind his decision to be in the video game, said though he’s open to a comeback, he won’t be devastated if it doesn’t happen.

“I’m here in the video game and I’m ecstatic for that,” he said. “If that’s all that it is, hey, I’m fine, I’m cool. I can live the rest of my life and be extremely pleased with what I’ve accomplished.”

Goldberg hasn’t competed in a WWE ring since his infamous 2004 match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XX inside Madison Square Garden. Though their match is much-maligned, the former man behind the 173-0 streak has revealed he’d love to face “The Beast” again and even called him out recently.

“As we all know, I should be on the damn cover because I killed the guy who’s gonna be on the cover,” Goldberg said of Lesnar at a promotional event in Germany last week. “For you guys, I’ll see what I can do.”

Lesnar and Paul Heyman recently caused some buzz when they called out Goldberg about the video game.

Heyman congratulated Goldberg on being a “supporting player” in the game, and said it “stars his client.” Lesnar then addressed his former adversary.

“Hey Bill,” Lesnar says in the clip. “You’re next.”

Lesnar defeated Randy Orton by TKO at SummerSlam on Sunday, and though the WWE Universe chanted for Goldberg, it wasn’t to be. Perhaps in the future that will change.

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