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Analysis: With an unopened letter from Pyongyang, Trump-Kim summit is on again

Such are the stakes in North Korea nuclear talks that the fate of the world seemed to rest on the contents of a single, sealed envelope.           GANNETT Syndication Service

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Singapore Startup Secures $12.3 Bln in Assets on Blockchain Platform

A Singapore-based crypto-finance company FUSION has secured $ 12.3 bln in financial assets on their blockchain-based platform Cointelegraph.com News

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How to Fight Cryptocurrency Cults

When I first got into bitcoin, I tried to imagine what could go wrong and could never really think of anything. I never thought that it would turn into a cult. In retrospect, it should have been obvious. Bitcoin is an imaginary good. Thus, it is vulnerable to mind-control. Also read: Bitcoin Developers Must Do What Investors Want, Long-Term or Short ...

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA: Price Analysis, June 01

Time to buy, while ‘it’s still cheap’? 🤔 Check our latest price analysis to find out Cointelegraph.com News

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The Top Ten Altcoin Markets of 2014 – How Are They Faring Now?

With the number of altcoins listed on Coinmarketcap reaching 1,640 as of this writing, the question begs – how will all of these altcoin markets perform in the long term? When looking back four years at a historic snapshot of the leading markets from June 1st, 2014, one can see that only two of the top ten altcoins have retained ...

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Mount Everest Crypto Stunt | Craziest Thing to Happen in Crypto in May!

Mount Everest Crypto Stunt: Most crypto enthusiasts are aware that May was a busy month. There was stuff happening in the space almost every week. Companies announced new partnerships and rolled out new projects. Governments around the globe met to discuss crypto regulation. And some cryptocurrencies plunged on the market for what seemed like the entire month.  Amid the overload ...

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Visa Card Payments Failing in UK, Europe, Highlighting Need for Decentralized Options

The Visa card payment network is down across UK and Europe, highlighting the need for decentralized options like Bitcoin, which has been functional 99.99% of time since 2009 Cointelegraph.com News

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Meet Cryptocribs a Rental Service That Aims to Decentralize Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the most popular online property rental businesses in the world, but unfortunately they don’t accept cryptocurrencies. Now there’s a new startup called Cryptocribs that provides a peer-to-peer short-term rental system that utilizes digital assets like bitcoin cash and ethereum for payments. Also Read: Bitcoin Ownership: Your Private Keys to Financial Sovereignty Cryptocribs: A Cryptocurrency-based Airbnb There’s a new web portal ...

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