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Remembering Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day. The Water’s Edge

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DIY: How to Distress Your Denim the Madewell Way

Have you ever attempted to distress a pair of jeans, only to have your DIY project quickly turn into an at-home disaster? Don’t worry—we’ve been there. To avoid another denim dilemma, though, we looked to Madewell, a brand known for its denim expertise. After taking a trip to the brand’s Los Angeles–based washhouse and receiving tips from the head designer, ...

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NIBIRU DOOM? Planet X IS COMING… but not when you think – shock claim

NIBIRU is due for a devastating pass of the Earth, but not as soon as has been claimed, a seasoned researcher declared not long before he died. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

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EU Summit LIVE: May heads to Brussels as Tusk faces the wrath of EU leaders over migration

THERESA May will try to brush off last night’s bruising Commons defeat when she travels to Brussels later today in the hope of convincing her European counterparts to agree to move Brexit talks on to the second phase. Daily Express :: News Feed

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TWE Remembers: General Westmoreland Says the “End Begins to Come Into View” in Vietnam

Never overpromise and under deliver. The Water’s Edge

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There’s an 80% Chance You’re Wearing the Wrong Shoes for Hiking

If you’re at all an outdoor person—and this may be especially true if you live in a place like L.A.)—you’ve gone on your fair share of hikes. But there’s a big difference between going for a casual walk through your local park and climbing over boulders to reach a mountain’s crest boils—not all hikes are made equally, and the same ...

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2018 Jeep Wrangler Price List: JL Starts At $26,995, JLU At $30,495

Following its world premiere at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, the all-new Wrangler now has a price to its name. The cheapest model available in the United States is the two-door Sport, which costs $ 26,995 excluding the destination charge ($ 1,195). Indeed, that’s three grand more expensive. T… (continue reading >>) autoevolution news

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SHOCK CLAIM: Aliens make contact saying humans will be ‘ENSLAVED’ by extraterrestrials

ALIENS have already made contact with our planet and issued a chilling warning humans will be “enslaved by advanced races”, a self-proclaimed ”prophet of God” has said. Daily Express :: Weird Feed

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