15-inch MacBook Pro mini-review: How much does Apple’s fastest laptop offer?

For the longest time, one of my main frustrations with the 15-inch MacBook Pro has been that you could usually get much faster video performance in similar Windows machines. For computers intended for video editors, game developers, and so on, that’s a big problem.

The MacBook Pro we reviewed last year was generally a good workhorse for Mac users, albeit with a steep price tag. But since we published that review, Apple has expanded its configuration options in two very important ways for performance. First, you can configure a new MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i9 CPU with eight cores, not just six. Second, there are now pricier workstation graphics options that up the video performance ante over any other recent MacBook Pro.

Of course, selecting both these options when buying means you’re spending a minimum of $ 3,349. So the question now becomes: does the Pro deliver performance that’s worth the cost, and who is this for at that price?

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